1. Commitment to truth
MSN will ensure editorial content upholds the journalistic commitment to truth, accuracy, fairness and freedom from bias, offering users balanced content. Opinion will be clearly labeled and differentiated from factual content. MSN will respect users from all backgrounds and perspectives.

2. Commitment to transparency
MSN users can expect transparency and openness in editorial and business practices, the best identification of information sources in stories possible and explicit identification of advertising-supported content. MSN will clearly identify the creators and sources of its published content. MSN is accountable and will always try to flag and correct factual mistakes quickly.

3. Commitment to integrity
MSN, and all staff, will operate with professional publishing integrity, respecting users and offering fair coverage. It will disclose gifts or privileges from sources, partners or others who might seek to gain influence over editorial output. In the many countries where it operates it will try to respect local sensitivities, laws and cultures.

4. Commitment to independence
While MSN is owned by Microsoft, its portals, content and commercial policies will represent independent judgment. It will resist undue political or commercial pressures, internal or external and offer a forum for free debate.

5. Commitment to privacy
MSN will protect user privacy and personal data

6. Commitment to quality
MSN listens to its users who can expect a dedication to the highest quality in content services and advertising. It will use reliable, effective and innovative technologies to deliver compelling experiences and will respond to feedback